Advancing E-Commerce

Accounts Management System (AMS)

Accounts Management System (AMS)

Our Accounts Management System (AMS) offers electronic and physical prepaid card issuance and processing, E-Wallets, and Loyalty Management.

AMS is web based and mobile-ready which allows the issuance of multiple card types to be issued including virtual and printed cards, while giving the client the option to either use our personal processing capability or if desired, we are capable of integrating with a number of processors and issuers.

E-Wallet Accounts

Payments have been at the core of mobile technology in the past decade and have only been increasing in popularity and demand. We understand the trend, and we anticipate it to become greater as time goes by, and our E-Wallet will be there to be on top of the solutions that provide payment services at the touch of a fingertip.

Prepaid Cards

The way people carry out their transactions is habitual, and our prepaid management solution helps merchants and distributors to increase customer loyalty, transaction count and revenue by easily offering their customers a convenient payment method that can become their new transactional habit.

We provide a turn-key solution that issues prepaid cards for merchants where they can manage the complex issuing components using our platform.

The platform is built on a secure and fully integrated accounts management solution and authentication service allowing the system to manage a variety of account types for different financial applications that include:

Points & Rewards

A solution that allows merchants to create loyalty programs for customers, including running promotions and rewards discounts for customers as well as process loyalty programs for third party operators.

Our Points & Rewards system works with the suppliers and distributors, relying on their network of merchants where a loyalty program from one supplier can be utilized and accessed through different merchant locations and without the need for any communication or commitment between the merchants themselves.

Points & Rewards Services: